Restoration of frontal hairline and temple/ FUE 2,484 grafts / post-op 5 months

30 year-old Asian male who has receding frontotemporal hairline for the past ten years. His hair loss seems to be stable.  His hair is coarse, black and straight. Hair density range from 60-84 fu/cm2. He wanted to restore the hair line and include the temple. The recipient area is 45.5 plus 11.5 cm2 on both temples. He underwent follicular unit excision (FUE) using WAW 0.9-0.95 mm. A total of 2,484 grafts and 5,060 hairs ( 1 hair = 591 grafts, 2 hairs = 1,232 grafts, 3 hairs- 639 grafts, 4 hairs -22 grafts).

Below are his pre op and post op photos at 5 months with good results.