FUT Norwood V 3,375 Grafts 1 year and 7months Post-op

AAK is a 49 years old male (ME) who has receding hair line to mid scalp and balding at crown . He still has moderate hair at bridge across the scalp as in Norwood V. His hairs are coarse, wavy with density 70%. He has good laxity of scalp. The balding at front measured 74 cm2, crown= 36 cm2. He underwent hair transplantation 3375 grafts, 1-hair=401 grafts, 2-hairs=2360 grafts, 3-hairs=614 grafts (6963 hairs). Below are his before and 19 months after surgery. Front=2555 grafts, crown=820 grafts. He is planning to return to add density in the next few years.