FUT / 4,539 Grafts / at front and crown/1year and 9 months post op

48 years old Caucasian male Norwood V with a receding hair line and moderately thinning hair from the front to the crown.He has good donor hair. The plan is to transplant the balding area at front and the crown (measured 144cm2), not the bridge.

He underwent hair transplantation as followed: 1-hair=486 grafts, 2-hairs=2,756 grafts, 3-hairs=1,039 grafts, 4-5hairs=258 grafts; total 4,539 grafts(10,147 hairs). The hair grafts were placed at the front to create a new natural hair and fill in at the crown area. Post operative photos were taken at 1 year and 9 months after the surgery with good hair growth. He will return to add more density a year later.