FUT 3,915 grafts/ post-op 4 months & 2 weeks

54-year-old Caucasian male who had extensive hair loss from front to crown. His hair is coarse, wavy and gray. He has very good donor hair density (87 follicular units per square centimeter) and good scalp laxity. He underwent 1 session of FUT, the amount of grafts is show below;

1-hair = 366 grafts

2 hair = 1933 grafts

3 hair = 1,232 grafts

4 hair = 384 grafts

A total of 3,915 grafts (9,464 hairs) were transplanted at the front towards the back until the grafts were run out. Below are photos of before and after surgery (4 months & 2 weeks). He has very small donor scar. The patient is very satisfied with the result and he will undergo another session to fill in the crown. We will keep you update of 1-year result of this patient.