FUT 2,717 grafts/ post-op 1 year & 1 month

26-year-old Asian male presented with receding hairline at both temples and high forehead. He had no thinning hair at the forelock or crown. His hair was black, straight and coarse. His donor hair density was 81 FU/sq. cm. His scalp laxity was good. He underwent 1 session of FUT, the amount of grafts is shown below;

1-hair grafts: 506 grafts (506 hairs)

2-hair grafts: 1535 grafts (3070 hairs)

3-hair grafts: 676 grafts (2028 hairs)

A total of 2,717 grafts (5604 hairs) were transplanted at the front and both temples. Below are the pictures of before and after surgery (1 year & 1 month). The patient is very satisfied with the result.