FUE 2,220 grafts, 13 months post op

38-year-old, Asian, male, who has diffused thinning hair from the front towards the crown. He had
preyious hair transplantation by FUT, a total of 3,300 grafts in 2013 and the grafts were placed at the
front and crown.

He underwent FUE (1 hair = 234 grafts, 1 long and 1 short hair = 243 grafts, 2 hairs = 1,364 grafts, .
hairs = 379 grafts), a total of 2,220 grafts and 4,342 hairs at the front to mid scalp.
Below are his before and 13 months after photos, with good result. He is planning to come back to
have more grafts placed at the crown.