Feminine Hairline / 2,419 grafts/ strip /2 years Post-op Results

A 39-year-old Asian female with a high hair line wanted to narrow her forehead by doing hair restoration. The total recipient area was measured 53 cm2 at the front.

The ultra refined follicular unit grafting was done with strip technique and trichophytic closure.

The detail of the hair transplantation is as follows:

Frontal area: 1 hair: 615 FU grafts, 2 hair: 1,542 FU grafts, 3 hair: 262 FU grafts

A total of 2,419 follicular unit grafts consisting of 4,485 hairs.

The patient was followed at 2 years post-operatively with a good hair growth and significant cosmetic improvement by lowering her hair line. Her donor area has a minimal scar as shown in the photographs.