Combo(FUT+FUE) 2,883 grafts post-op 10 months

33-year-old, Thai, male, who have receding hairline to the top, with dense miniaturized hair. His hair is straight, black, and coarse. His density at the donor area is 86 fu/cm2 but more towards single hair grafts. He underwent a combination of FUT and FUE; and, FUT yield 2,258 grafts and FUE 625 grafts, a total of 2,883 grafts (1 hair = 825 grafts, 1 long and 1 short hair = 274 grafts, 2 hair = 1400 grafts, 3 hair = 384 grafts). Below are his photos before surgery and 10 months post op. He is happy with the result