A combination of FUE and FUT with a total of 4,621 grafts in Asian, male

46-year-old, Asian, male, with receding hairline, deep temples and balding at crown. His hair is black, coarse, and with average density at 68 fu/cm2. He underwent a combination of FUE (1,549 grafts) and FUT (3,072 grafts), a grand total of 4621 grafts (1 hair graft = 922 grafts, 1 long and 1 short hair graft = 651 grafts, 2 hairs = 2,190 grafts, 3 hairs = 845 grafts, total of 8,514 hairs).

Below are his before and just 4 months after photos, with good result (He said that his hair grafts did not shed and continued to grow).