3,531 FUG  improvement 11 months after hair transplant surgery

Significant cosmetic improvement 11 months after hair transplant surgery

43 year old Asian male, Norwood III Vertex with receding frontotemporal hairline, thinning of hairs at crown wanted to have flat and lower hair line, temple and vertex transplantation. He understood and responsible for lowering his hair line quite low against my advice. The total bald area measured 181 cm2 at frontal, temple and crown.

The ultra refined follicular unit grafting was done with strip technique and trichophytic closure.

The details of the hair transplantation are as follows:

Frontal area: 1 hair: 388 FU grafts, 2 hair: 1286 FU grafts (2572hairs) and 3 hair: 657 FU grafts (1971 hairs) . A total of 2331 follicular unit grafts, bearing 4931 hairs were transplanted .

Temple area: 1 hair: 50 FU grafts and 2 hair:150FU grafts(300 hairs) on left side and 1 hair:50 FU grafts and 2 hair:150 FU grafts ( 300 hairs) on right side were transplanted.

Crown area: 800 of 2 hair FU grafts bearing 1600 hairs were transplanted.

Total of 3531 FU grafts bearing 7231 hairs were transplanted.

The patient was followed at 11 months post operative with good growth and significant cosmetic improvement. His donor area has minimal scar as shown in the photographs.