3,184 grafts/ FUT /8 months Post-op

67 years old, white male, who had receding hairline from the front towards the top and thinning over the crown, as in Norwood IV-V, with some hair left at the forelock. His hair is straight, gray but was colored dark brown by the patient, with good density. He underwent Hair Transplantation from front towards the top. A total of 3184 grafts were transplanted (1 hair graft = 395; 2-hairs graft= 1564; 3-hairs grafts= 588; 4-hairs grafts= 637). Grand total of 8153 hairs.

He was seen 8 months post-op and was very pleased with the results, and planned to have the crown filled-in in the future. Below are the pre- and 8-months post-op photos.