3,026 Grafts / FUG / 6 months post op results

Significant cosmetic improvement 6 months after hair transplantation

A 38 years old Asian male who has receding frontotemporal hairline and thinning hair from the front towards the crown with good donor hair. The total thinning/balding area measured 187 cm2. The ultra-refined follicular unit grafting was done from the front to mid scalp with strip technique and trichophytic closure.

The details of the hair transplantation are as follows:

1-hair: 557 FU grafts, 2-hair: 1826 FU grafts (3652hairs), 3-hair: 396 FU grafts (1188 hairs) and 3-4-hair: 247 FU grafts (865 hairs). A total of 3026 follicular unit grafts, bearing 6262 hairs were transplanted.

The patient has been taking Finasteride 1mg and 5% Minoxidil lotion 1cc twice daily post op.

The patient was followed at 6 months post-operative with good growth and significant cosmetic improvement. His donor area has minimal scar as shown in the photographs.