2,263 Grafts / FUT+FUE / 8 months post op results + medication

VP is a 30 years old Asian male who suffer extensive hair loss for the past 5 years. Examination showed diffuse thinning hair from front toward the crown. VP has hair transplantation in Vietnam about 1500 grafts in Jan 2012. His donor hairs contain lots of miniaturized hair, low density about 55 follicle/cm2 and wide donor scar from previous surgery from ear to ear. He was informed that he has not enough hair to cover the entire scalp. VP will need medication to stop his hair loss and might gain more hair plus hair transplant at front to add more density. He underwent hair transplantation (FUT + FUE) on Nov 4th,13: 2263 grafts ( 1-hair graft=479, 2-hairs graft= 1425, 3-hairs graft =359 :about 4406 hairs ) were transplanted. He was placed on Finasteride and Minoxidil tablet and was informed regarding side effect of the two drugs. VP was seen 8 months post op and very happy with the result of his surgery and medication. VP responds well to medical treatment thus result in full head of hair without side effect so far.